i'm not okay

Something is very, very wrong with me. Like there’s this darkness in me that’s overwhelming sometimes. And I don’t know where it comes from, but I think that’s what makes me do crazy things.

“Dear Me, I didn’t see an end to the pain. I want you to rediscover yourself, in the absence of the one that defined you. If you feel any hope for the future at all, then you’re already better off. You’ve been given a chance to start over. I want you to take it. I want you to be happy.”

Please don’t go. I don’t care about dating a prince. I don’t care about dating anyone. I just care about you.

People need people. I love you. And you love me. We have to be together. Tell me we should be together.

The moment I saw you, I knew it’d be the closest I’d get to being… close. I didn’t know what to do with that feeling. Happiness.



So, here's the deal ..
Even after everything, I'm in love with you.
I still love you every second of every day and miss you beyond words. 
I miss making you smile and saying I love you. 
I miss feeling you close to me and looking at you. 
I miss being able to just love you. 
But the thing is, no matter how much I do love you, I have to love myself more. 
I have to get over you and let you go no matter how hard it is. 
I want to fall in love again, and I will. 
This time it won't be with the same person or thing, it will be with my own life. 
I will love it unconditionally and without fear. 
I will love it even though it's without you. 
I will create my own path to happiness, and I won't waste one second on regret.

Simply, I will love it the way I loved you.

- Nadhirah Afiqah

Keep Strong Dearself !

Hidup ni satu perjuangan. 
Perlu ada pengorbanan. 
Perlu ada kesabaran.

Holla December

It's been a while since the last time I update my blog entry. 

Actually I've been in the kind of hectic plus // don't know how to describe // situation lately.

Many unexpected things happened to my life and I found myself like becoming so freaking weird, deadlock and more indescribable feelings that caused me to become even more confuse with my ownself. 

And why I have to bother myself by thinking what people talked about me. Why? It doesn't matter. But sometimes I don't even care about it but when I care, I care too much. I have to stop worrying. :(

What happened Nadhirah Afiqah? Well.. Even myself also don't get to figure it out. Rasa down. Sedih. Loser. Penat.

I'm super busy lately. Individual assignment, group assignment, assesement, presentation. Normal things lah kan untuk student. Exam just around the corner. I'm so scared :'( But, believe in yourself nadhirah that you can ! #prayfornadhirah . XD

Sometimes, I just feel like I want to disappear.
Even I don't know what the reasons is, just a feel to disappear. 
I want to find a place where no one can find me. Far and far away from people who know me.

Keep strong. Keep cute. Be brave. Be confident. Stay positive. XOXO


You scream i scream we all scream for ice cream. :D