I was in the dumps. Just happy then sad again.
When someone blamed me for something I ever made before.
I've never made it ​​again.
I know the thing i have made before was wrong.
And i never ever repeat it again.
People still blame me.
Allah.. give me strength for all of this.
Don't judge people for the past.
You are stronger than you think sayang! 

Sunrise at Pantai Bukit Keluang

Pantai Bukit Keluang. 
Its such a beautiful place there.

 English Fun Camp. 2013

Doodle by Mirul

I got this doodle from Mirul
Its mine.
Cantik and comel kan ?
Thanks Mirul. For this doodle. :)

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Untuk tabung belajar saya.
Terima kasih. :)