December 19, 2016

Keep Strong Dearself !

Hidup ni satu perjuangan. 
Perlu ada pengorbanan. 
Perlu ada kesabaran.

December 06, 2016

Holla December

It's been a while since the last time I update my blog entry. 

Actually I've been in the kind of hectic plus // don't know how to describe // situation lately.

Many unexpected things happened to my life and I found myself like becoming so freaking weird, deadlock and more indescribable feelings that caused me to become even more confuse with my ownself. 

And why I have to bother myself by thinking what people talked about me. Why? It doesn't matter. But sometimes I don't even care about it but when I care, I care too much. I have to stop worrying. :(

What happened Nadhirah Afiqah? Well.. Even myself also don't get to figure it out. Rasa down. Sedih. Loser. Penat.

I'm super busy lately. Individual assignment, group assignment, assesement, presentation. Normal things lah kan untuk student. Exam just around the corner. I'm so scared :'( But, believe in yourself nadhirah that you can ! #prayfornadhirah . XD

Sometimes, I just feel like I want to disappear.
Even I don't know what the reasons is, just a feel to disappear. 
I want to find a place where no one can find me. Far and far away from people who know me.

Keep strong. Keep cute. Be brave. Be confident. Stay positive. XOXO

November 10, 2016


You scream i scream we all scream for ice cream. :D

September 29, 2016

Stronger Than Ever

It’s kind of annoying seeing quotes like “the right one won’t make you cry” or never give someone a second chance to hurt you again. I feel like it sends the wrong message and makes people think that relationships are perfect, you’re feelings will never get hurt with the right one because that’s how I felt. 

I went into relationships thinking if he loved me he wouldn’t hurt my feelings or walk away. Like that’s life. You hurt each other feelings, you make each other cry, you get frustrated and may second guess. 

But that’s a relationship. It’s not always flowers and sunshine. Shit is HARD. Of course you’re gonna hurt each other’s feelings and you’re gonna cry. You’re gonna snap at each other when you have a bad day. You’re gonna bicker about them not doing the dishes. Nothing is perfect and you have to work on it everyday. 

Nobody really tells you how hard relationships are. Some things are unforgivable but sometimes shit happens and one of you leaves, it hurts like HELL but makes you realize how much you want each other. 

I think sometimes you need to fall apart to be reminded of how much you love that person. There’s nothing wrong with giving someone a second chance if you want to because sometimes it actually works out the second time. I'm living proof of that and so are many others. I just feel like society paints this fake picture of how relationship are and it’s totally different. 

You have your good times and pretty bad times. You both have to work at it everyday but I think the hard times makes it more special because you made it through all that and some come out stronger than ever. "

May 12, 2016

Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang, #kmpp

Assalamualaikum and hye. 
First post in 2016.

Finally, Alhamdulillah i'm done study kat matriks. Aku dah berjaya tamatkan pengajian aku kat kmpp selama dua tahun. Yeah and dua tahun dah pun berlalu. I got two years programme there since two zero one four. Penat lelah yang aku rasa kat matriks semua dah hilang sebab sekarang aku cuti lama. Hahahaha

My first thought about matriks sangat lah menakutkan. Kakak abang senior cakap takyahla masuk matriks, matriks susahla, habislah kau kalau masuk matriks. Matriks memang last choice aku, Alhamdulillah aku pun ada jugak ditawarkan untuk masuk ipta and thats my first plan where I am going to further my study. Last minutes, my parents changed their mind and ask me just to go to matriks. So, I followed and worked for it.

Studying in matriks is not something as tough as what people say. Kalau nak cakap matriks susah, I think belajar kat mana-mana pun susah. As long as we try to make it easy as we can. Insya Allah dipermudahkan.

Dah habis matriks ni, bermula lah proses aku mereput dekat rumah. :D . Tak tahu nak buat apa and seriously rindu dengan kawan-kawan. Belajar tak rindu hahaha. Already spent about two years with friends also practicummate, I miss them. Semua stay jauh-jauh and its a little bit difficult to meet. Insya Allah one day dapat jugak jumpa. And mana tau dapat further study sama-sama lagi. :) .

Hye my best nine <3

Hye practicummate <3

Hye family swag <3

Hye girls <3

I hope my results for semester 4 and overall is good. And also for my upu results, hope dapat sambung study dengan course, universiti yang diinginkan. Insya Allah.

Till we meet again in the next post. Assalamualaikum :)