Study Week Sem I

December 22, 2016

Me now in study week and gonna face my first exam in uni next week. 
Taking this chance in this study week to come back home haha! Umi cooked my favourite dish and I am so happy. sebab boring doe makanan kat cafe uni. boring kat uni jugak. 
So aku balik nak rileks kat rumah sambil gaduh ngan adik-adik, haha. Nak balik dua tiga hari je sebenarnya, sekali empat lima hari jugak :P

Currently: Giving myself my best chance. Insya Allah I'm doing my best to pass my exam with flying colours. Sure lah aku nervous, esok nak exam lagi nervous ni kelam kabut kau tengoklah nanti. Tak selalu dapat update camni kan. 

Yes, taking exams is always such an anxious thing, and I know that under pressure, me and your performance can fall drastically. I am trying to reduce as much stress as possible by arriving early, eating well and putting myself in the best mindset before the exam. I don’t want to run into your exam late (which will stress me out even more) or realise I’ve forgotten pens/pencils/a geometry set once I get into the exam hall.

Remember Guys to take deep breaths and if you can’t do a question, it isn’t the end of the world!

All the best member-member yang nak exam and tengah exam tu. 
I hope all of you reach your goals this semester in university and make yourselves proud. :)

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